Feb 20, 2008

Sad news!

My mac died.

Feb 16, 2008

Blanket Drive at Vanity Fair Apartments

Today about 20 individuals from FWC distributed over 100 new blankets and packed lunches for the homeless at a housing complex in downtown Huntington. God is teaching us that we can bring church to people rather than expecting everyone to come to us.

Feb 14, 2008

First Wesleyan on Facebook

If you've never heard of Facebook, it's a site that helps you keep connected with friends. It has become the "communication hub" for many people under the age of 40. For some, it has even replaced their basic email program. The thing I like about Facebook versus other sites like MySpace, is that it's much safer "surfing" without a lot of the junk. No one can see your profile unless you invite them or accept them as your friend.

Here's a look at First Wesleyan's page on Facebook.

Keep updated on events and other happenings. Even let others know you are attending or not. If you want to join the FWC Facebook page, click here.

Feb 13, 2008

Church Vision & Values

The past six weeks, Huntington First Wesleyan Church has immersed themselves with a new vision that is creating a lot of momentum toward becoming more like Jesus. Here's the synopsis...

Vision: Most people like Jesus. Even non-Christians. Yet these same people don't have many good things to say about the Church. Therefore, we want to become the kind of church that lives out what it believes. We want to become the kind of church that actually lives and looks like Jesus.
Vision Audio

Value #1: "Gospel"- The gospel is Jesus and what He's accomplished. We're committed to bringing everything we do in line with the gospel.
Gospel Audio

Value #2: "Disciples"- A disciple is a passionate and loyal student who strives to be like Jesus in all of life. We're committed to becoming and making genuine disciples who practice what they believe.
Disciples Audio

Value #3: "Community"- The gospel transforms our relationships with one another. We're committed to loving God and others with more than just words.
Community Audio

Value #4: "Outward-face"- Our posture is toward the city. We're committed to being missionaries sent to the city of Huntington to love our neighbors and serve the poor.
Outward-face Audio

Value #5: "Movement"- The Gospel continually breaks out. We're committed to spreading the gospel through partnerships and church planting within our city.
Movement Audio

Feb 7, 2008