Mar 18, 2008

Irish is now more than a feeling!

On a recent trip to visit my grandmother in Columbus, OH, I was handed a written history of my family. Turns out, my great-great-great-great grandfather and great-great-great grandfather were born in Ireland. They were Irish Protestants who later moved to Canada before moving to New York. I always wanted to be Irish.

Another interesting note was that my "4-great" grandfather and his two brothers were named after the first patriarchs of the Bible (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - in that order).

Great-great-great-great Grandfather
Abraham Robinson (1799-1860) & Margaret
Born: Ireland

Great-great-great Grandfather
Thomas Robinson (1824-1909) & Catherine
Born: Ireland

Great-great Grandfather
Samuel Robinson (1851-1928) & Sarah
Born: Ontario, Canada

Great Grandfather
Thomas "Howard" Robinson (1882-1964)
Born: South Gower Township, Canada

Glen "Thomas" Robinson (1926-1998)
Born: Canton, NY

Howard "Glen" Robinson (1946- )
Born: Ogdensburg, NY

Glen "Howard" Robinson (1980- )
Born: Ogdensburg, NY