May 2, 2008

Mark Driscoll's Notes on "Dwelling in the Text"

Questions on Preparing to Preach...

1. What does the Bible say?
2. What does it mean?
3. What is the takeaway point? What's sticky and memorable?
a. A word (meditate on meaning of original language)
b. A doctrine
c. A person's emotions (often tied to the meaning of their name)
4. How is there resistance?
a. How do we answer the objections that come up, so we can leave them contending with the truth?
b. Deal with your own objections first.
5. Why does this matter?
a. In my home
b. In my church
c. At my job
d. With my kids
e. Other relationships
f. Relationship with God
6. How is Jesus the Hero? Here's how we find Jesus in the text:
a. Prophecies
b. Christophanies (ex: "Jacob wrestling")
c. Types (ex: Adam, prophet, priest, king, Temple, shepherd, judges)
d. Like ministries (1st man-2nd man, 1st Adam-2nd Adam, Mediator-priest)
e. Events (Exodus, Passover, Day of Atonement)
f. Titles (Son of Man, Suffering Servant, etc.)

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