Jun 10, 2008

"Corporate Conviction" changes at GC '08

This morning, much of the debate surrounded editorial issues on our Special Directions of our church.  These Special Directions are corporate convictions that explain in great detail the position of The Wesleyan Church on a number of social issues.

Some of the changes that were made:
1. Social dancing was removed.
2. Prohibition of merchandising on the Sabbath Day was removed and now allows for this matter to be according to "personal conviction" since Scripture specifies it in Romans 14:5-6.
3. Prohibition of the the cinema theatre was removed.

Also, specific language was used in a more general sense to refrain from legalism.  This is a positive step forward for the Wesleyan Church, I believe.  

You can read a great post by Ken Schenck about the matters at this session, here.

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John Howell said...

Excellent detail of this debate - Thanks for posting it and the changes that were made!