Feb 10, 2009


Twenty years ago on this day was one of the worst experiences of my life.  Watching your mom die unexpectedly is something no child should ever have to witness.  But three children did that day, and it has changed our lives forever.

The mom I knew was soft, gentle, extremely talented, and more loving than anyone on earth.  

I miss her terribly.

Looking back, it is only by the grace of God I have become who I am today.  He has shown me more mercy than I ever deserve.  I often wonder if her death was an act of God's mercy upon my life.  It was her death that was a catalyst for me to know Christ and put my trust in Him.

God works in weird ways, but I still trust Him.  And I can't wait to see mom again.

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Anonymous said...

I know that feeling well, as I too came to know the Lord in my mother's passing. It is hard, but we do know we will see them in glory soon.